3 comments on “How to mix HC-110 Dilution B

  1. Don’t know why but just came across this blog tonight. Awesome blog. I’v been using D76 as my primary developer for a year and a half since I’ve started to shoot and process my own black and white film. I’ve been considering a switch to HC 110 and your video has definitely convinced me to use it.
    Obviously its a much simpler process as far as mixing it. I do like the results I get with the D76 but I’m not really concerned because my main focus when it comes to chemistry is to keep it simple and HC 110 looks simple.
    Thanks for the vid. Looking forward to reading some more of your blog.

    • Cool, HC-110 is a really nice developer, I think you’ll be pleased with the results. It was actually a favorite of Ansel Adams because it can be manipulated to push or pull so easily. Also the high dilution formulas can produce really nice grain and tonal graduation.

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